Dedicated to produce world-class peppers and vegetables.

Mini pepper

This peculiar variety of peppers can be found in yellow, red and orange varieties. They are sweeter and have smaller seeds than other varieties, which makes it a very popular product on the market.

Bell pepper

In addition to flavoring our dishes and making them more attractive with their color, they are full of nutrients, which make them a very beneficial vegetable for our health. It is versatile in various dishes due to its peculiar flavor, in addition to being nutritionally rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, antioxidants, zinc and iron, among other nutrients

Twister Pepper

It is one of our varieties with a unique, versatile and delicious flavor. The twister pepper or also known as long pepper is rich in vitamin C, E, among others.

*Production will start in 2023

Equipped with the highest technology

Our greenhouses have the highest technology, an efficient irrigation, nutrition and heating system, which allows us to accurately and effectively control production and harvest throughout the year.

Equipment and Infrastructure

We have a team of engineers and collaborators who control the entire process, from germination to packaging, with the strictest quality standards.

In addition, we have the most efficient machinery for product selection, packaging and storage chambers, which allow the product not to lose freshness or shelf life.


We have a wide range of marketing, in addition to a group of experts that allow
us to move our products to the appropriate markets both nationally and internationally.
This is how more than 90% of our production is distributed to the United States and Canada in alliance
with internationally recognized companies. This guarantees the best return in price and that the quality is
not affected until it reaches the end customer.

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Contact us

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